Pest Control

We offer a fast effective pest control service Being expects in the pest control industry we aim to get your pest problem under control and work out the best prevention methods. We cover all aspects of pest control and prevention. Specialising in non-toxic pest control methods  using modern and tradional pest control. 



One of our most biggest pest is rodents I've spent most my life battling rodents growing up. We have many methods to dealt with these pests.



Routine Contracts 

A routine pest control Contract is a good way of keeping on top of your pests problems and monitoring to see if there' any issues. For a competitive price we offer a 12 month routine contract  where we visit x many times a year and mointer and treat the problem if needs be. Routine Pest Control contracts are great if you have a food premises, large house or a business you need looking after . We can do one pretty much anywhere.




We cover all insect control from wasps to moths and bedbugs to bees ( non-lethal) of course. If you have a insect problem please contact us to get it sorted. Wasps if you have a wasp isssue in Hampshire, Sussex or Surrey don’t hesitate to go contact us to get it sorted as quickly as possible we available 24/7.


We are the mole experts. Some pest controllers dont do moles or are not very good at catching them. We guarantee to catch your mole or moles. Trapping them as we dont use gas to protect the environment


 Bird proofing

Wether it’s pigeons or seagulls etc. We can provide many forms of control and proofing to stop these nuisance creatures from hassling your home, business or premises.


We remove honey bees and bumble bees and relocate them on our farms. 


Other services 

Our other services include.

Woodland management 

Tree Care and work 

Garden clearance 

Seasoned logs 

Weed Control

Scrub Clearance